It Needs To Be CED: How Involved Are You?

It Needs To Be CED: How Involved Are You?We have elections every year and I don’t understand where each election isn’t important in terms of how policies, laws and the direction of the city/state/country are at stake. It’s even more vital when it comes to people of color being that the landscape seems to haven’t really changed, especially in recent years. I know, I know…. We felt it was important that a Black president be elected to prove that we can have a hand in how we’re viewed as people, but, I ask, how has that changed how we’re treated in America?

We elected a Black president 8 years ago and yet, it seems that police brutality has risen and Blacks are still being killed at alarming rates (and often by other Blacks). Politicians and government officials still don’t care about the black vote and it’s especially evident with the likes of Donald Trump becoming the republican candidate for president spewing the type of rhetoric that, even republicans admit is divisive, yet, there is a 50% chance that he will be elected this country’s president this election year.

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But, if we keep taking a back seat to politics and local government, then the ONLY thing we can do is complain since we don’t want to be part of the process that helps shapes the ‘rules’ law enforcement and government goes by. We NEED to be in that conversation at ALL times and not just when there is a black candidate running for office. There are people who may not look like us that understand that there are many racial and class injustices based on the thoughts and views of the powerful and elitist who want to keep things the way they are or even make it more in their favor. And there are also people of color who would delight in holding us back in order to further their own selfishness so that they can be placed in positions of power that would only benefit them since our subjugation helps advance their cause as well.

So, the only thing I can say is, we NEED to become more involved in what takes place in government, no matter how corrupt it is. Think about it… In just about everything you follow or you may enjoy, there may be discrepancies in the process. Sports, entertainment, award shows, etc. You know there have been times where you felt that something was somehow rigged or that a certain party is favored over others to result in outcomes that are suspect. Well, if you agree and even if you don’t, we have to have a voice in how we are treated in this country and doing nothing will help none of us when it comes to the unjust policies and attitudes of this here ‘great’ country we live in.

So, one question….. How involved in the process are you?

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