It Needs To Be CED: The Need for More Legitimate Political Parties

The Need for More Legitimate Political PartiesThis presidential election cycle has to be the worst EVER! We have the choice of electing someone who lies a lot to someone who lies even more! Why is it that this system is only set up for two politically corrupt entities?

And even when there are other choices to pick, the media doesn’t cover the candidates that’s not aligned with the Democrats and the Republicans. There are people who seriously don’t know that there are other people vying for the position of President of the United States. Even the ‘committee’ that sets the presidential debates have rules that prevent other candidates who need/want to be heard to actually be seen by the general public.

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If the people were allowed to find out that there are other potential candidates, would we be left with the ‘choice’ of Hillary Clinton, who conveniently panders to whomever she is speaking to you at the moment? Would the obvious lying, deceiving rhetoric of Donald Trump be the other option that the public have as an alternative in a seemingly 2 person race?

Yes, there are other choices, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. But, when reading the papers and viewing news sources, you only see/read about the worst 2 choices in American Politics history being given the forum to lead this, uh, great country.

We HAVE to do better when it comes to not only choosing candidates on both sides of the political coins, but, in allowing more voices to be heard so we can have a more legitimate genuine choice!

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