It Needs To Be CED: Instead of Protesting Beyonce, Police Need to Protest Ignorance

So now Miami cops want to boycott Beyoncé‘s upcoming show April 27th in Florida. Police officers, who are supposed to protect citizens, are now choosing to voice displeasure at artists’ freedom of speech. Granted, they don’t have to agree but they should have other major concerns to worry and comment about. How about the police force combating the never ending racism that Black people and others of different culture and ethnicity, not only face in general, but more specifically, their fellow officers?

If police unions took the time to look within their own forces to stop the daily racism and the treatment they impose upon people of color and the tactics they use to enforce whatever stereotypes are set, then maybe artists like Beyoncé wouldn’t have to record songs and videos that express the outrage that we have based on their actions towards people of color.

A police officer’s job is to ‘serve and protect’, yet, that thinking is subjected to who they choose to want to serve and protect. Maybe if some of those in the force, if not the actual whole force, protects people of color as vehemently as they choose to protect whites, then the environment that they helped create would be better for ALL people in general.

Police officials are always trying to suggest to citizens to report crimes and people who are committing crimes to the police. I think it’s time that police officers start to report to their superiors and federal and local authorities of the police officers that are committing bias and racist feelings towards people of color. This way, everyone wins in the terms of justice and  fighting the battle of police brutality and corruption that is plaguing us today.

So, instead of protesting Beyoncé, the police need to protest the ignorance going on in their police force.

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