5 Questions With… Young Marco

5 Questions With... Young Marco

Being young is a good thing when you are just, well, growing up! Being young and doing business in the entertainment industry isn’t as joyful as it may seem. Young Marco has somehow made it his ‘business’ to make this his business. Building an empire at such an early age, the young man took time out of schedule to answer some questions for The Industry Cosign.
1. What drives you to write particular songs, especially if people feel you are so young that you may not have experienced some of what you write about?
Most of my songs are written based on my close friends experiences . And I just be so inspired that I live through that experience with them and bring the beauty out of it.
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2. If you didn’t teach yourself how to play the guitar, do you think your ability to write songs would alter the way you write and structure songs?
I believe it wouldn’t, the guitar brings another level of creativity out of me . I just love being in control of the mood and the tone of the music.
3. You’ve done something that is EXTREMELY rare and unheard of these days and that’s putting yourself through artist management. Who suggested doing so and how has it helped you in your burgeoning career? Would you suggest artists do the same?
I highly suggest every artist to do artist development, that is the best way of finding yourself and just learning yourself and like being a superhero and not know your powers and weaknesses until you go to training.
4, Which comes first or is easier for you, writing lyrics to music or making music around lyrics? Or is it a combination of the 2 or something completely different? What inspires your songwriting techniques?
I would have to say creating around the music it makes things near perfect.
5. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far about this fickle industry?
It takes a T.E.A.M and its on 10% talent and the rest is politics unfortunately.